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Board of Directors: Ingrid Braulini

Ingrid Braulini
I was born in Trieste, Italy in the middle of the last century as the oldest of 5 children. I spent the formative years of my life as an “army brat” traveling around Europe. My father was an officer in the army and my mother was a trained classical pianist. (I, have zero musical talent).

My hobbies were pretty much anything to do with science. I was obsessed with becoming a scientist and took Bio and Chem as my majors with minors in math and French. I transferred to Rutgers and continued my quest, ending up as a research virologist for Smith, Kline and French labs in PA. and eventually landing at a German branch of the World Health Organization. I lived in Germany for 16 years, married, had two children long with a multitude of dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles and many others (including a big jar of tadpoles).

My career as a microbiologist ended when I inadvertently brought home a Coxsackie virus and my whole family became ill. Thank heavens, not even remotely seriously, but since I worked with some “other” very nasty viruses indeed, I decided it was time to move on.

In the 1990’s I then moved in a totally different direction and began working in human rights with human and animal survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Then on to marketing and fundraising for not-for-profits. I raised funds for a variety of organizations such as Green Peace, Amnesty International and Dial Help Inc. and did marketing for the Food Bank, the local theatre and so on. I then left Michigan and moved to New Hampshire in 2000 where I remarried and continued in marketing, fundraising and volunteering.

My goal in my adult life has been to further human and animal rights as well as to promote social justice, either through volunteering or business. Making sure as much as possible, that every person and animal has their basic needs met (food, shelter, safety from fear, cruelty and torture, medical care and dignity in age and death) has been a powerful and moving force in my life and that of my children.

When I retired from the corporate world in 2006, I felt that one way to help meet the demands of working families was to offer them a better way to support themselves by helping to care for their pets while they were at work and play. By starting a pet sitting business with a steady dose of continuing education, pet first aid, insurance and a membership in NAPPS, I was giving folks an excellent alternative to kenneling or “tying dogs out”, or yes...even
doggie day care.

The Happy Pet Caregivers LLC is the name of my company in New Hampshire. We cover three large swaths of territory including Concord Area, the Lake Sunapee Region and The Upper Valley (also comprising bits of Vermont) with 30 contract caregivers. We are NAPPS members, and many of us are NAPPS certified. Everyone is Pet Tech CPR and First aid trained and I am, as of June 28, 2017, a certified Pet Tech Instructor. We cover all types of pets including farm animals. We are unique in the area, in that we offer 36 hours of free emergent care to folks in need through our contacts with the social workers at New London Hospital and the Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital system. We also are stand outs in offering all our clients the benefit of two sitters, a primary and a back-up. We have overnights in our homes, overnights in the client’s home as well as daily visits and walks. We also offer intensive care, where we do not leave the pet alone for any length of time and medical stop-overs to medicate or care for any animals needing specific care at
specific times.

I wish to serve because I like to give back as much as I can to an organization that helped me find the support and information I needed to make a success of my business. I think I can help fill the needs of those starting out in business, as well as those “old-timers” just needing extra support, by working to continuously fine-tune what NAAPS offers their members and the community at large. I also want to help NAPPS remain the best organization for pet sitters available.