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Board of Directors: Marc Wolf


Marc Wolf

Marc has years of experience of dealing with all types of animals. Marc grew up on a farm, was active in both 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) activities, has always had pets of one type or another (even a few his mother didn’t exactly think should be pets), and he has always trained his own dogs. Marc has been a volunteer at a wolf/wolf-dog mix rescue and sanctuary in Colorado.
After attending the University of Illinois as a pre-vet student (an adventure for which Marc was totally unprepared, and promptly flunked himself out of school), he went to Colorado in the Fall of 1983, supposedly on a one week vacation.  However, with a suitcase and $200 to his name, he stayed in Colorado, and his vacation has extended to 30+ years.  Marc finally managed to get his act together, and while working full-time (and sometimes two jobs), went back to school to get his Bachelors in Accounting.  Marc’s goal was to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
Step one was to pass the CPA Exam.  While still working full-time, Marc completed a “self-study” course in order to prepare to “sit for” the CPA Exam.  The exam consisted of four primary sections and was a 2 ½ day long exam.  Marc passed all 4 parts of the exam in one “sitting.”  Step two was to complete the “work requirement” (or optionally, additional education) to complete the CPA certification process.

Marc worked in various account positions before finally deciding to go back to school to complete his Masters’ Degree.  “Active” CPA license acquired!

Once out of school, Marc finally landed what he thought was going to be his “dream job.”  He went to work for the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent (Auditor).  While Marc did like the job of being an auditor, he discovered that he did not have the correct personality/mentality for the job.  Interacting with the people being audited, learning about all the different companies/industries and doing the actual audit work was enjoyable.  However, when it came to the end of the audit, if Marc had to tell the person/company that they owed money to “Uncle Sam,” he would start “stressing out” and become miserable.  During 2010, after almost 5 years of working for the IRS, Marc decided that it was time for a career change!  While Marc’s accounting career went “up in flames,” from the ashes arose, Wolf’s Pet Sitting. 

Marc joined NAPPS in 2010, in an effort to distinguish his business from other pet sitting individuals/companies.