The ONLY national non-profit organization for professional pet sitters.

Board of Directors: Megan Harris

Megan Harris
Like most in the industry, animals of various shapes and sizes have always been a part of my life. My parents encouraged my sister and me to explore our world and to learn responsibility through various pet parent adventures in our youth. From snakes, rodents, and birds to rabbits, cats, and pups, we learned to care is a commitment for the lifetime of every pet. Cows, horses, goats, and chickens were also a daily part of life.  Every summer we were able to go a stay with my grandmother on her property. It began as a working farm that she later converted into stables and pasture land for horses. 
In college, a wide variety of studies laid a foundation that helped direct my thoughts toward the bigger picture of what I wanted from my life. I learned that a I felt most alive during moments of connecting the right people to the right resources to see lives flourish. I have taken this love and now have the joy of it being the cornerstone of my own business. 
I believe NAPPS is a one of a kind organization always striving to improve the standards of pet care industry and bring the best resources available to the awareness of its members. I am honored to join in this continuing pursuit as a member of the board.