The ONLY national non-profit organization for professional pet sitters.

Board of Directors: Yvette Gonzales


Yvette Gonzales

I was privileged to begin my career working for a large Denver based entertainment group, was responsible for hosting media and special appearance events as well as promoting concerts. I began "in the trenches" so to speak, doing everything from staging "green rooms" for the acts to operating spotlights during concerts. I soon began working as an account executive in their in-house advertising agency. My love of marketing was born.

I later worked as retail store manager for several years and later found a position working with a small mechanical construction company. I started in the office administration end and then moved into marketing and sales for their HVAC service company.

While at the HVAC service company, I met my future business partner. We started our own company with the assistance of a financial backer with an interest in adding an HVAC service company to his already flourishing fire alarm & electrical service company. After running our company for over 5 years we both began to become somewhat disenfranchised with our backer and dissolved the company in 2004.

A friend's experiences prompted me to start a personal concierge and errand company. One of the services we offered was pet sitting and I found it to be most wonderful and rewarding not to mention our most popular service.

I had the infamous "aha moment" when I attended the 2007 NAPPS Annual Conference, resulting in the restructuring of our business model, as well as, a switch 100% to pet sitting. In 2008 we were honored to win the Highlands Ranch Small Business of the Year Award. We currently have 15 pet sitters and service 12 communities in the south metro area.

NAPPS has been influential in my training and information flow through my company and I feel it's so very important to give back, serve and be able to offer my time and expertise to anyone who may benefit. NAPPS is amazing organization and I hope the members realize what an opportunity they have to gain knowledge and experience from so many peers.

I wish to utilize my marketing and ad agency experience to excite the membership of NAPPS. I promote the value of each NAPPS program and encourage sitters to take advantage of the opportunities NAPPS presents. I've had the opportunity to Co-Chair the Youth Education Program, the Annual Conference Committee as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the past several years. As President, I look forward to spreading NAPPS message to our future members and the general public.

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