The ONLY national non-profit organization for professional pet sitters.

Communication is Essential


  • The best way to develop a good relationship with your pet sitter is through communication. Being open and honest with your sitter will reap positive results. 
  • Let the sitter know about any areas in your home that are off limits to him/her and/or your pet.
  • Provide the names and phone numbers of the vet and an emergency contact.
  • List names and numbers of contractors in case a problem arises (electrician, plumber, maid service, yard or pool maintenance).
  • Leave your contact information - cell phone number, as well as number(s) of where you will be while away.
  • Will another person(s) being checking on your pet or home?  If so, let the pet sitter know.
    • Provide them with each other's name and phone number.
    • Clarify each person's responsibilities and schedules, especially in regards to medications and feeding instructions.
  • Except for emergencies, always contact your pet sitter during office hours.  Be especially considerate of sitters who operate their businesses from their homes.
  • If your instructions or plans change, once you're away, call your sitter and let him/her know (make sure to check time zone differences before you call).