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As you may know, NAPPS is looking forward to a complete website redesign in May, 2019. The redesign will have many added functionalities which will enhance both the current and prospective member experience.
Included in this redesign is the NAPPS Certification Course.
You can purchase the course. However, NAPPS recommends that you do not start the course until you are notified by NAPPS Headquarters.


NAPPS Certification Course

The NAPPS Certification Course is a broad-range and in-depth self-paced course covering all topics relevant to pet sitting, including pet care, health, nutrition and behavior for a variety of animals. It also includes business development and management, pet safety and a complete pet first aid course. The NAPPS Certification acknowledges that the pet sitter is a serious professional who has obtained a high level of expertise through his/her study. Once you have purchased the course, you will receive immediate access to begin taking the course.

Passing Score - Once you complete and submit the entire course/exam, you will be notified via email of your results. Successful completion of the NAPPS Certification (a passing overall score of 75% or better must be obtained), if you do not pass the course/exam, you are eligible to re-take the course/exam one additional time at no cost.

Marketing Tools - Upon successful completion of your NAPPS Certificationyou will receive the following tools to market your accreditation.

  • Press Release Template (to distribute to your local newspaper on your accomplishment)
  • NAPPS Certification Logo (to use on your website and/or business cards)
  • NAPPS Certification ICON will be placed on the Pet Sitter Locator page by your contact information.

Benefits of Certification include:

  • The knowledge that you gain will enhance your skills
  • An advantage over your competition because you are a trained pet sitter
  • The completion of the Pet First Aid course preparing you for emergencies
  • The "NAPPS Certified" logo next to your name in our Pet Sitter Locator and the use of that logo in your marketing
  • The potential for more referrals from vets, groomers, and other pet professionals  
  • The trust your client has in you because you invest in the care of their pets
  • The enhanced skills to increase your revenue.
  • Business Insurers of the Carolinas, provides liability insurance discounts for pet sitters who have earned NAPPS Certification.

Insurance Discounts - NAPPS Certified Professional Pet Sitters will receive an additional 15% discount through the NAPPS’ official insurer, Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Re -Certification - NAPPS Certification is good for three (3) years. In order to maintain your NAPPS Certification status, you must re-certify by either presenting evidence of a total of 30 Continued Educational Units (CEUs) in at least two out of three categories listed below:  

  1. NAPPS Service 
  2. Community Service
  3. Individual Study
The cost for this option is $75.00
You can retake the entire test again. The cost for this option is $175.00 (First Aid booklets will not be shipped again)

NOTE: If you allow your certification to expire, you will need purchase and re-take the entire certification exam again. 

CEU's: The attached spreadsheet outlines accepted CEUs and can be used to tally your individual credits.

Request for Evaluation (RFE) - The purpose of the RFP process is to evaluate credit(s) given to a academic course, webinar, seminar, conference, workshop or event related to the pet sitting industry that is not listed in the current CEU chart.

Mail a complete RFE form & supporting documentation(s), along with $25 processing fee to NAPPS Headquarters - or email your request along with other supporting documents.

You may submit as many RFE's at one time for the $25 processing fee.
NAPPS will notify you within 30 days of approval (and the number of credits assigned to your activities) or non-approval of you RFE(S). 

NAPPS Certificate Courses You can use the NAPPS Certificate Courses to obtain a few of your individual study requirements.