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Are you getting the most value for your dollar with NAPPS?

NAPPS is a non-profit organization, which means you are a member, not a customer. What does that mean?
When you pay dues to a for-profit organization, your dues money becomes profit for the person or people who own the company. When you pay dues to a non-profit like NAPPS, your does money is returned to you through the membership benefits you receive.

A for-profit organization runs things as the owner or owners decide. A non-profit relies on its members to guide, direct and shape the association. Volunteer with NAPPS to have your ideas heard, and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Engage in a dialogue with other passionate professionals and watch your knowledge of the pet sitting industry grow as a result.

A non-profit organization like NAPPS offers many free and deeply discounted benefits to you as a member. Explore our new website using the menu bar under the NAPPS header, and find out how you can improve your business, and bottom line, today.

If you're not yet a NAPPS member, join us today!