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NAPPS, Social Media, and You

As you browse around our new website, you will see buttons which allow you to share content from the NAPPS website with your friends and followers. We want you to tweet us, like us, pin us, and link us! The magic of social media is that more and more people will identify NAPPS as the trusted authority in pet sitting, and they’ll recommend it to their friends, who will use the NAPPS free online pet sitter locator, and NAPPS members benefit from the pet parents using the NAPPS website to search for a professional pet sitter.

NAPPS provides education, resources, and answers for pet parents looking for the very best in care for their pets, as well as for pet sitters of all experience levels. Share ideas and learn from your peers. Your membership in NAPPS sets you apart, so use our tools, certification, educational opportunities and more to stay competitive in a modern marketplace.