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Are You a Pet Parent?

Are you a pet parent? While NAPPS offers unparalleled resources and educational opportunities for professional pet sitters, we also offer great information for pet parents as well. NAPPS has all the info you need to:

• Locate a professional pet sitter in your area using our Pet Sitter Locator.
• Find out what a pet sitter does and how they can help keep your pets happy and comfortable.
• Understand the benefits of hiring a NAPPS member to care for your pets.
• Learn what NAPPS Certification is and what sets a NAPPS Certified Pet Sitter apart from the rest.
• Get answers to your pet sitting questions.

So take a look around NAPPS’ new website, and check out our section especially for pet parents! When you hire a NAPPS member, you know you are hiring someone who has invested in their business and their clients. It is still important to check references and talk to your pet sitter to make sure they offer the kind of services your pets need. NAPPS members have plenty of information at their fingertips, as well as the chance to chat and network with pet sitters all over the country. Smart NAPPS pet sitters take advantage of these resources to be better pet sitters, and help create a better pet sitting industry to benefit pets and their parents everywhere.