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Great Links to Know About

Some great links to keep in your Bookmarks or Favorites folder are:

The FDA Pet Food Recall Website: Stay up-to-date on current pet food recalls, and be sure to let your clients know.

The Pet Poison Helpline: Most of us know about the Pet Poison Help Line's telephone number (some of us have it programmed into our phones!). Their website is an excellent and informative resource as well.

The NAPPS Pet Sitter Locator: When you can't help a prospective client, whether they are out of your area of you're just too busy, you can at least point them in the right direction with the NAPPS Pet Sitter Locator. This invaluable tool helps you to help others enjoy the wonderful benefits of having a pet sitter care for their pets. For many pet sitters, work and volunteerism go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to animal rescue work. is a great resource to those looking for a new pet to add to their family. It promotes animal rescues and shelters and helps find homes for rescued pets all across the country.