The ONLY national non-profit organization for professional pet sitters.

Why Volunteer for a NAPPS Committee?

NAPPS knows busy pet sitters. We know unpredictable schedules, hectic last-minute upheavals, and we definitely know the occasional chaos of working with the pets we care for. There is something almost comforting about taking an hour or so a month just to switch focus, share ideas, and laugh with fellow pet sitters. Working toward a common goal is a great way to give back and to support others who have chosen this same livelihood.

NAPPS needs you. We need your skills and expertise. Everyone has something to contribute. Joining a committee that suits your interests is the first step.

Volunteering for non-profits doesn’t just look good on corporate resumes. Clients can see it as a good sign too. The word “volunteer” implies acts of giving or selflessness, who doesn’t love a business owner who gives back? Networking with fellow NAPPS members offers its own rewards. Sharing ideas with those who understand the realities of pet sitting can be a big relief in a job where we see lots of pets but few humans. And of course, there’s that great feeling you get when you know you’ve helped in some way. NAPPS appreciates all of our hardworking volunteers and would love to have you aboard as a volunteer!  You’ll be in great company.

Get started right now!

Head to the following web page on the NAPPS web site and join a NAPPS committee today. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in the areas you are most interested in.