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Pets, Thunder, and Fireworks

Pets, Thunder, and Fireworks

It's that time of year - the loud booms of thunder, the explosive cracks of fireworks, and the sounds of thousands of dogs whimpering in fear.


Pet sitters know this is a tough time of year for those pets who are fearful of the loud, inescapable noises of Mother Nature or Independence Day celebrations. It can take lots of extra understanding to help a dog or cat who is scared and confused, especially when pet parents are away.


This is a great opportunity for pet sitters and pet parents to chat about helping pets deal with this challenging time of year. Pet parents can let their pet sitters know what has worked for their pets in the past and what hasn’t. Pet sitters can share their knowledge and suggestions with pet parents. It is ideal to discuss things like how each pet reacts to noise, where they are most likely to hide, and what to do if a pet becomes destructive in their fear.  


It’s important to have this conversation before the first rolls of thunder or booms of fireworks are heard. Every pet sitter and pet parent share a common goal - the safety and happiness of the pets they care for. Advance communication is the key.