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Pets and the Summer Heat

Pets and the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and that means summer heat. Pet sitters know that the heat can be dangerous, even deadly to pets, and we take precautions to keep the pets in our care safe and sound. Some of the policies a pet sitter might implement to keep pets safe include:

  • Keeping dog walks shorter than usual to avoid heat stroke.

  • Taking extra care with brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds such as pugs and bulldogs, as they are particularly prone to heat-related breathing issues.

  • Avoiding hot pavement and surfaces when possible to avoid paw pad burns or discomfort.

  • Keeping plenty of clean, fresh water available for pets at all times.

Some great ideas for pet parents to help their pet sitter keep pets cool in the summer include:

  • Making sure your pet sitter knows where temperature controls are if applicable, so they can turn on air conditioning if needed.

  • Keeping crates or beds out of direct sunlight (remember, the sun moves throughout the day, so if the crate is out of direct sun at 12 noon, it might be right in the sun at 3 p.m.)

  • Keep grooming combs or brushes available so the pet sitter can help compliant pets get some of that excess fur off of their bodies. This is especially important for cats, who wash themselves with their tongue and can ingest all that loose fur, which can result in vomiting or hairballs.