The ONLY national non-profit organization for professional pet sitters.

Mentoring Teleconferences

You know that NAPPS is the only non-profit organization providing education and resources to pet sitters (and pet parents!) nationwide. One of the ways that NAPPS achieves this mission is through regular telephone conference calls (teleconferences), created for pet sitters of all levels of experience, and on many different topics.

The ideas and topics for the NAPPS pet sitter teleconferences are not pulled from thin air - they are developed by NAPPS members, just like you. NAPPS volunteers on the Member Benefits Committee discuss and develop many ideas to create educational opportunities for pet sitters, that are then approved by the Board of Directors. A lot of time, effort, and brain power go into developing these teleconferences. If you are interested in helping to create excellent educational opportunities for NAPPS membership, why not contact NAPPS at to volunteer? We rely on members just like you to help elevate the profession of pet sitting to benefit not only ourselves as pet sitters, but our clients and their pets as well. 

What you may not know is that NAPPS has an archive of many of these teleconferences that you can download or listen to online! Topics like pet sitter insurance, marketing your pet sitting business, hiring, networking, dealing with burnout, holistic pet care, and many more can be found on this website. Simply log in, select “Members Only” on the menu at the top of this page, then “Advance Your Skills”. From the list on the “Advance Your Skills” Page, select “Mentoring Teleconferences”. If you are logged in to the website, you can go to that page directly by clicking here: Mentoring Teleconferences.