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The Importance of Keeping Files Up to Date

Year after year, as your business grows, it’s important to make sure that you are keeping your files and systems secure and up-to-date. Some great policies to implement are:
  • To do regular (daily or weekly) backups of your computer’s data. You can back up information on flash drives, CDs, the cloud, and even smart phones allow you to store data on them. There is software that can help you automate backups as well.
  • Contact your clients and request updates to their information, such as changes to cell phone numbers, emergency contacts, key changes or alarm codes, in addition to any changes in the pets’ routine.
  • Use antivirus software on your computer to help protect clients’ sensitive information from potential hackers or malware. Keep the software up-to-date. There are free antivirus programs online that are highly rated and reliable.
  • Go through your key system and make sure all keys are accounted for, and secure.
Use your smartphone or calendar to schedule these tasks and updates. Lots of calendars and apps will send reminders to your phone or email. Get in the habit!