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Take Advantage of a Lull

While the holidays can signify a busy time for pet sitters, winter can mean slower business, as kids are still in school, and the cold and winter weather can keep people at home. Some great ways to take advantage of a little lull in business include:

  • Polish your marketing. Make the most of search engine optimization for your website, update your blog, review your marketing plan.
  • Send cards to your clients for the holidays. It keeps your business name in front of them and can help jog the memories of those who may not have booked their holiday pet sits yet.
  • Backup your computer. Delete unnecessary files such as blurry photos. Give your files and photos names that are easy to find. And back up your files onto high-quality DVDs or a large flash drive. You can even consider cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to back up documents and files. Don’t forget to back up your web browser bookmarks, too. Set up a regular backup schedule for your computer and stick to it.
  • Be sure to respond to all phone calls/voicemail messages, even if you are not available during the requested dates. Perhaps you can refer the potential client to another NAPPS member. Keep in mind; they may request your services again in the future especially if you show such professionalism.   
  • Take time for you. Avoid unhealthy burnout by making sure you get some down time, and time with family.