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Have a Holly Jolly Safe Holiday Season

For National Association for Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) members and pet parents, the holiday season may be spent trying continuously to keep pets out of trouble.  However, there are useful tips to keep pets safe while decking the halls. 
If a pet decides to explore an area in a home near the Christmas tree, make sure that the tree is safely secured.  This is important because the water in the tree stand may contain hazardous chemicals or various breeds of bacteria which may cause diarrhea or vomiting and call for an emergency vet visit.  Even though tinsel on the Christmas tree looks pretty from a window, it poses another pet safety hazard, especially for cats.  Because of its sparkly appeal pets may often try to play with it and carry it in their mouths.  This can cause a pet to choke, get dehydrated or possibly even require surgery.  Mistletoe and holly are two common household decorations during the holiday season, and must be kept away from pets because they may cause serious cardiovascular problems. Additionally, plant bulb kits featuring Amaryllis and other plants in the lily family, Narcissus and other plants in the daffodil family, are popular gift items at this time of year. Pet owners should be aware that these plants are very toxic for cats, and sometimes with severe symptoms of gastrointestinal signs, cardiac arrhythmias, kidney failure, convulsions and death.
Extra wires lying around the house also pose a danger.  If a pet bites into a wire, it can send a lethal electric shock to a pet’s system.  In addition, a bad battery can cause a burned esophagus or mouth, and if a pet gets hold of a broken ornament it can cause intestinal injury.
Given that there are many dangers that a pet can get into when a trusted pet sitter or pet parent is not home, a solution would be to keep a pet in a separate room, away from the danger.  This way, both pet owners and their pets can have a holly jolly safe holiday season.