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A New Year Means New Resolutions

A new year means new resolutions – this year, why not include your pets in your plans?  Your fuzzy ones may help keep you motivated and on track with your new goals! 
Some ideas are:
  • Increase activity with your pets: We're often guilty of making gym-related resolutions that often fizzle out in February, but making more time to play with your pets is a great way to get some added exercise and bond with your furry family member.  Take your dog with you when you go out for a run, throw the frisbee at the local park, or enroll in some agility courses with your cat!
  • Check labels on food and treats: As long as we're checking labels on our own foods and striving to eat better, why not do the same for your pets?  Maintaining an awareness of ingredients and making positive changes to your pets’ diet can help enrich their health – and be sure to keep an eye out for any food or treat recalls that could potentially affect your pets.
  • Get crafty and try some DIY: There are so many wonderful blogs and websites about DIY pet care, like how to make homemade treats and toys.  If you love to bake or work with yarn, then you can share the love by crocheting some cat toys or making some homemade treats for your dog – plus you'll know exactly what goes into their treats!
  • Stay on top of vet appointments and vaccinations: Be sure to schedule important check-ups and boosters for your pets while you plan your own dentist and doctor appointments throughout the year.  Until the day that our pets can phone the vet's office and schedule their own visits, we'll have to help them stay healthy and happy.
We at NAPPS wish you and your pets a wonderful 2015, and may all of your resolutions be realized!