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The Winter Season Can Be Full Of Enjoyable Outdoor Activities

The winter season can be full of enjoyable outdoor activities.  National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) members and pet parents understand that although it is more enjoyable to include a pet, severe cold and icy sidewalks mean that outdoor play is not always wise.
Pet parents can be driven crazy by pets who don’t understand that the weather is keeping them from the outdoors.  Hindered by winter weather, NAPPS members may wonder how to keep a pet active.  Fortunately, there are ways to keep a pet physically and mentally active, such as taking the time to teach the pet a new trick.  Pet parents can also utilize indoor time to practice obedience training, rewarding good behavior when the pet performs the command correctly.  If pet parents have the means, they can sign up the pet for an agility class or a swimming class.  Pet play dates with friends are also a great way to keep your pet active and social, too. Another trick is to play hide and seek, hiding random treats around the client’s home and having the pet sniff them out.  Of course, care must be taken to make sure that the game doesn’t damage the client’s furniture.  Playing fetch may be made more challenging by throwing a toy upstairs, so that the pet gets a good workout running up and down.  With certain toys, such as a rope or old towel, and a clear area, NAPPS members may also play tug-of-war.
Indoor play is fun, but when the winter weather clears, both pets and people look forward to playing outside in the fresh air.