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Adopt A Cat Month

To focus awareness on the millions of kittens and cats waiting for their forever homes in shelters around the U.S., the American Humane Association has proclaimed the month of June as Adopt a Cat Month. 

If a pet parent is thinking about adopting a cat, but fears that the cat may be lonely without human companionship, the option is always open to consider adopting two cats instead.  Cats need exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction, and by adopting two pets instead of one, they can provide all these things for each other when a pet parent is gone for a while.

When picking out a cat for a family, it is vital to make sure that all family members will take responsibility for the cat and its needs, and discuss options with an adoption center representative on how to introduce a new member to the family, especially if there are already pets living in the home.  If a trusted veterinarian has not already been chosen, it is important to bring medical records and any other paperwork to the pet’s first vet appointment, which should be scheduled soon after the pet is brought into the new home.

Most pet parents probably agree that caring for a pet is often more expensive than initially thought.  Adopting from a shelter will save a life, and often includes a low-cost spaying/neutering fee, initial vaccinations and a microchip, but a cat still needs basic necessities,  including a litter box, cat litter, bowls for food and water, scratching posts, toys, a bed, and a brush for grooming.  For new cat parents, the home will need cat-proofing, which includes picking up any loose items such as paperclips, and tucking electrical cords away.  It is always exciting to bring home a new cat, but the cat may take longer to feel comfortable in its new surroundings. It is recommended that the cat be secluded in one room with its food, water and other items until it is relaxed enough to explore its surroundings. 

Adopting a cat is a rewarding experience for both the pet parent and cat.  For someone wanting to adopt a cat, websites such as can narrow down choices, find a shelter in the area, and help find the perfect feline friend.