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Pet-Friendly Office Seeking Office-Friendly Pets

 Pet-Friendly Office Seeking Office-Friendly Pets
NAPPS Offers Tips for Preparing for Fido’s First Trip to Your Office
The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals, is offering pet parents helpful tips as they gear up for their pup’s first day as a visitor in the professional world.
Think back to your first day on the job: you probably had mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety; it’s common for pets to experience similar feelings when they are introduced to a new environment. Although over time, your office may have become your home away from home, it’s most likely an unfamiliar atmosphere for your pup.
Luckily, pet parents can reduce feelings of fear and uncertainty by preparing for their furry friend’s first trip to the office.
If your office is a pet-friendly business, it’s important for you to prepare your dog to be an office-friendly pet. Before penciling in your pup’s visit, NAPPS encourages pet parents to consider these tips:
•Evaluate how well your pet will react to the commute. Consult with your veterinarian and professional pet sitter about anxiety-relieving tactics and medicine, if necessary
•Consider how your pet will react to new people and other dogs in the workplace. Identify a safe place to retreat should the environment become hectic
•Create a plan for feeding, walking, and relieving your pet throughout the day
•Verify that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, flea and tick treatments prior to entering the office environment
•Keep your pet away from other pets’ water bowls because this can spread illness and disease
•Identify a coworker willing to care for your pet should you be called into an extended or impromptu meeting
•Consider hiring a professional pet sitter to walk the office pets throughout the day. This will allow the office staff to continue their work day uninterrupted, keep the pets calm and well exercised and ensure the success of a dog-friendly work day. 
By taking the proper precautions, you and your dog can both enjoy a pleasant day at the office. NAPPS reminds pet parents to keep their pet’s safety and comfort as top priority.