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National Mutt Day ~ July 31st

National Mutt Day is observed not just once a year, but twice  - on July 31st and December 2nd.  National Mutt Day was started in 2005 and is celebrated nationwide to increase public awareness of thousands of mixed breeds. 

One of the benefits of adopting a mixed breed is their longevity.  Mixed breeds tend to have a longer life than purebreds because of their genetic make-up.  While some purebreds are known to be susceptible to certain ailments, mixed breeds are often healthier because genes from one breed can counteract the disease-causing genes in another.  Mixed breeds can be found at humane societies nationwide, and come in many different shapes, sizes, coat colors and patterns.  A potential pet owner can even look for specific characteristics that they want in their pet, such as short or droopy ears, long or short legs, a long fluffy tail or no tail at all. Because no two mixed breeds are alike, a dog’s unique features may often be complemented.  DNA testing is available for pet parents who wish to identify the genetic make-up of their pet.

Another benefit of adopting a mixed breed is the cost, because purebred breeds are more expensive than adoption fees for a mixed breed. 

Mixed breeds that have become mainstream in the U.S., include the Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Morkie and Puggle. About 75 percent of dogs waiting for homes in animal shelters, humane societies and rescues across the nation are mixed breeds.  In honor of National Mutt Day, consider making a financial or supply donation to a local animal shelter, where mixed breed pets are helped to find loving homes.