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Winter Has Arrived!

When winter weather arrives, it is not always possible to take pets out due to severe cold and icy sidewalks. The lack of activities can lead to boredom and anxiety in some pets, and in their owners too. But there’s no need to succumb to cabin fever! Luckily, there are creative and fun ideas to stimulate and bond with a pet while the snow continues to fall.

*A new trick is always a good way to pass some time, and pet parents can utilize this time to further their pet’s obedience training. Be sure to reward the pet when he or she performs the new trick correctly.

*If your pet is social, invite a friend over who also has a pet, so that the two pets can get some exercise and interaction.

*There are many easy ideas online that detail how to make a DIY pet toy.  As long as there is a clear area, play as long and hard as the pet wants with this new toy.

*A laser pointer, while typically used for cats, can also make a good toy for dogs who will love to chase it around.

*Hide-and-seek can be a fun game to play with a pet by hiding random treats around the home and watching the pet sniff them out.

*While playing fetch, throw a toy upstairs, if there are any, so that the pet gets more exercise with their legs.

*Treating a pet to a good solid brushing, which will help shed fur and skin cells, creates a shinier coat and promotes better skin circulation, and also helps to strengthen the bond between the pet and the parent. Other grooming techniques that a pet parent can include during this time is clipping their pet’s nails and brushing their teeth.

After all the fun and games, there is nothing better than ending the day cuddling with your pet, so take advantage of the opportunity provided by winter weather, until springtime returns.