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Pet Appreciation Week

How are you planning on pampering your pet this week? While every day pet parents show their pets how much their affection means, it is always nice to have a reminder to show pets exactly how much comfort and joy they can bring to their owners. Which is why the first full week of June is known as Pet Appreciation Week, a week when it is completely OK for pet parents to spoil their pets even more than normal! Besides the fact that pets are loyal companions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and plenty of other studies, pets can decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and increase opportunities for socialization. Here are some ideas to pamper you pet during Pet Appreciation Week.

For dog pet parents, a trip to the dog park is always a treat for the pet.  As long as a dog is in good health, has all their shots, and is well-mannered, they should do well at a dog park.  Adding an extra 10 minutes to a routine walk will not only make a pet happier and more satisfied, but give the pet parent a few more minutes of exercise as well. There are hundreds of recipes on the internet to make homemade dog treats, so pet parents can easily find recipes for treats that taste like peanut butter, banana, bacon, cinnamon and even flax seed. If a pet parent is in an especially giving mood, a dog might be lucky enough to get a few licks of an ice cream cone.

For pet parents who have cats, playing laser beam is a good way to keep a cat stimulated and active for a few minutes each day, or even making a new cat toy, such as tying a piece of string on a door handle. Because cats are sensitive to smell, show a cat you care by keeping their litter box free and clean. Cats enjoy being petted, so cuddling and talking to a cat a couple times a day shows them how much they are loved. Just make sure to not pet them too long if the cat is showing signs of agitation. Using a massaging grooming glove or a brush on a cat may relax them for a few minutes. Cat parents can also plant some cat grass near one of the cats favorite places to lounge in the house. 

For both dogs and cats, pet parents can make sure that their tags are up to date so that if they ever get lost, they have proper id and a microchip. They can also take the pet to their local vet to make sure they are caught up with all their vaccinations and that their weight is at a normal level.

So, take this week to show appreciation to pets everywhere who give unconditional love.