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Summer Fun

With the season of summer comes adventure and opportunities to spend time with pets outdoors. Pet parents only have a couple more months before autumn arrives, and while autumn offers different options to bond with pets, summer offers some options that are too fun to pass up.

One that’s possible if pet parents live near a beach is to take them for a beach day. Not only will it be fun to romp around in the waves or sprint in the sand, but if the pet has a bit of extra weight to lose, this will give him/her some exercise. Dogs love to dig, and if you're already at the beach, why not let them build their own kind of sand castle? Poolside time can also offer some summertime fun. Chlorinated water won’t make pets smell, and will be a better option for pet parents who don't want to deal with cleaning sand and dirt out of their car. If you don’t have access to a pool, there’s no cooler way to bond with pets then jumping through a sprinkler!   

Almost everyone has access to a park, so taking a four legged friend to play some frisbee or to meet new friends would make for a perfect Sunday afternoon. While at the park, pet parents can also take the time to off-leash train a pet or to let their pets give them a walk by letting their nose lead them to new areas of the park. On the way home, pet parents can stop at a pet friendly cafe or ice cream truck to enjoy local eats and treats. If pet parents want to go off the grid for a day to enjoy the outdoors, their pet would most likely be happy to tag along. A day trip with a pet offers many fun ways of involving them in family activities, such as fishing and hiking, as long as they are protected from summertime pests like fleas, ticks and heartworms. Make sure that everything a pet will need is packed, which may include a life vest, pet backpack, collar light, portable water bowl and even booties, depending on what the terrain is in the area. Pet parents need to use caution not to expose a dog to hot or humid conditions and should keep in mind the signs of heatstroke, which includes excessive painting and other signs of discomfort. However, if thinking of going away for more than a day, the best option for pet parents may be best to leave the pet at home where they can stay in their own home with a trusted NAPPS pet sitter. 

Pet parents can get creative if they want to bond more with their pet during the dog days of summer. Ideas include creating a new window perch or hammock for a cat or creating an obstacle course for a dog. Yoga enthusiasts can even try a new trend called Doga, which is yoga that involves dogs.

Whatever events pet parents choose to do with their pets this summer, pets will be happy to be spending time with the people who love them the most.