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Clear the Shelters = Success!

For only its second year, Clear the Shelters, a nationwide adoption drive, has done a wonderful job on bringing awareness to the plight of homeless animals waiting in shelters for their forever families. Thanks to social media efforts and promotion, Clear the Shelters has grown. This year on July 23rd, nearly 700 shelters across the country teamed up with NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo for the drive.

Every year, 7.6 million animals end up in shelters nationwide — and only 2.7 million are adopted, according to the ASPCA. Clear The Shelter's mission was to get as many pets adopted on the day as possible, with many participating shelters either discounting their adoption fees or waiving them altogether. This year’s Clear the Shelter's event was a huge success, with over 40,000 animals being adopted nationwide. Last year's total was 20,000, half of this years adopted pets.

Some people who wanted to make sure that there would be a pet for them to adopt started lining up much earlier than the announced time for the event. On local shelters websites and Facebook pages, shelters posted videos showing the craziness of the day, while news stations interviewed happy families walking out with their new pets. Many shelters also stayed open late to accommodate future pet parents who were eager to bring a new family member home.

On the east coast in Baltimore, the BARCS animal shelter was emptied of dogs in just six hours on Saturday. In fellow Connecticut, all 13 kittens available were adopted within minutes of the Stonington Animal Rescue Project opening its doors! Although its staff was prepared for finding homes for the kittens, even they were surprised at how short a time it took for them to be adopted. Meanwhile in Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, six shelters were also cleared, with 2,894 animals being adopted. There were also bittersweet moments to be celebrated as well, for pets who had been over looked for so long to finally get a chance to shine.

But Clear the Shelters was in no way exclusive for other pets. Reports came in of rabbits, hamsters, iguanas, birds, chinchillas, ferrets, toads and chickens being adopted. With so many pets getting loving homes and people realizing the benefits of adopting, let’s hope that year after year the number of adopted pets nationwide will continue to climb.