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National Cat Day ~ October 29th

National Cat Day, celebrated on October 29 every year, is a chance for cat parents to spoil their feisty felines! The day was founded by Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Dog Day, National Puppy Day, and National Mutt Day.

Detailed on the National Cat Day website at, her organization wants people to get crazy about cats. They believe that every cat should have a forever home where they are regarded as family. And as any cat parent will enthusiastically agree, that cats are the best pet to have and that life just wouldn’t be as enjoyable. But on a serious note, they reiterate that the number of unwanted cats is still at a very high level, and that adoption is always better. By spaying or neutering, the amount of cats waiting in shelters or other humane societies will cut down on the overpopulation of cats. And the most important, that a cat no matter what it’s background, and a pet parent have a special bond that should not be thought of as temporary or short term. A cat is a lifelong commitment, so pet parents need to be sure that they are prepared for living with and loving a cat.

If looking for a new cat companion, there is no better day than National Cat Day! The cats at local shelters deserve spoiling too, so if there are old blankets and toys around the house, drop them off at the shelter. If prospective pet parents volunteer, they can spend some time playing with cats available for adoption, or to clean litter boxes. Pet parents can also spend snuggle time with their cats, which may include a calming massage or giving them a good brushing to get rid of extra hair and fur-balls. If pet parents want to really make a day out of it, they can hire a professional pet photographer to get some great shots to brag about. Or they can take some photos themselves and post them on Facebook. A game of laser tag, a new scratch post, or a window perch for them to look out with also give them something to do or look at while pet parents are away. A little cat nip or homemade tuna cookies couldn’t hurt either!

No matter how pet parent’s show their love this National Cat Day, their cats will meow up a storm. So spread the word about National Cat Day, and about the millions of loving cats who are waiting in shelters to find a pet parent of their own who will spoil them not just on National Cat Day, but every day.

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