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There Are Many Organizations To Help During The Holidays

As the holiday grow closer, donations increase as people want to spread the cheer and give in the spirit of the season. For families and individuals whose budgets are stretched, these donations provide much needed assistance for the health of their families, pets included. While some may just drop a pet off at the shelter, many families would never let their pets go hungry.

There are many organizations to help during the holidays. North Shore Animal League America's SpayUSA is a great place to send a donation to help someone with the low cost of their pet’s surgery. The organization has been helping to decrease the population since 1993 and believes that the cost of spaying/neutering shouldn't be so expensive. Another organization that donations can go to is America's Vet Dogs. This organization provides guide dogs to blind veterans as well as other veterans with disabilities who can use the comfort of therapy and stress control dogs. When giving a donation, people have the option of giving the donation in the name of a loved one. We cannot forget the official NAPPS Charity, Paws and Stripes, a nonprofit organization which works to provide service dogs for veterans of the United States military suffering from PTSD and TBI. The service dogs are obtained exclusively from shelters, and are trained by professionals at no cost to the veteran. Paws and Stripes allows the veteran to participate in the weekly training of the service dog from the first day, providing a unique form of therapy for the veteran.

The National Mill Rescue helps to rehabilitate dogs that have suffered abuse at the mills and are then forgotten. On top of giving these dogs a second chance and working on finding them a loving home, the NMR works to educate the public on the harsh life of living in a cage. Pets of the Homeless work diligently to help the homeless care for their animals by providing dog and cat food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens to distribute. Hope for Paws, 4 Paws for Ability and Wings of Rescue are all organizations that do amazing work helping dogs in need.

Feline organizations are always in need of donations as well. Alley Cat Allies is a national organization that helps feral cats, and teaches that importance of trap – neuter – return programs. PACT For Animals offers a solution to cat pet parents who get sick and need to be hospitalized. Instead of surrendering a cat if the pet parent has no other options, PACT will take the cat and find them a foster home until the pet parent gets well. A donation to PACT makes this possible. PACT will also find foster homes for pets of deployed military members.

Blind cats, no matter how much love they have, often end up on a euthanasia list or overlooked in shelters because of their disability. Blind Cats Rescue Sanctuary is a safe haven for these cats, as well as cats who have FIV and FELV. They spend about $228 on each cat. They have an Amazon wish list and also accept sponsorships for individual cats as well as general donations. Cat House on the Kings is another safe haven for cats. Based in California, they claim to be the largest, no-kill no-cage cat sanctuary and adoption center in the state. Other organizations working to better the lives of cats include Humane Society International, Diabetic Cats In Need and Veterinary Research Funds.

The cats and dogs involved with these programs and shelters need all the help they can get, so if a few dollars can be spared, maybe the next holiday season, more of them will be in loving forever homes.

Don’t forget the NAPPS P4P Program which is a collection drive conducted by NAPPS members.  P4P is a wonderful way to give back to the community and help pets in need. Visit the NAPPS website for more information on the NAPPS P4P program.