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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The month of February has a lot of big television events. There’s the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and most importantly, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! This year, the organization has approved three new breeds to participate in the competition, bringing the total of eligible breeds over 190. So let’s learn a little about the newest members anticipated to take part in the 141st show.

First is the Pumi. The Pumi is part terrier and on the smaller scale with a curly, corkscrew coat, giving them a teddy bear look. They have an abundance of energy, making them great herding dogs who are always alert and ready to work. Because of their seriousness of taking care of the job they are tasked with, they are a little too serious for families with small children. However, couples or families with older kids are perfect for this breed.

Like the Pumi, the American Hairless Terrier have a high energy level and are ready for anything. But don’t let them fool you, even though they are energetic, they will also adjust to whatever energy level their owners are, making them the perfect couch potato companions one day and jogging buddies the next. They are wonderful for families, active dog owners and people who don’t mind having them attached at their hip. As the name suggest, this breed doesn’t have a fuzzy coat.

Finally, there is the Sloughi, also known as an Arabian Greyhound. Like greyhounds, they are graceful, agile, fast and energetic with a tall slender body. Originally bred to hunt wild game, they need space to use up their energy. Once that’s over, they are ready to spend the rest of their day unwinding. While the breed may be shy of strangers, they are always loyal to their owners.

In other Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show news - Cats will, for the first time in several years, be on display at a joint Westminster-American Kennel Club event on Feb. 11, two days before the actual canine competition begins. It’s called “Meet the breeds,” an occasion where members of the public can ogle and learn about many dozens of dog breeds, each with its own booth. This year, out of the kindness of their canine-loving hearts, and because of a bit of public pressure, the American Kennel Club (AKC) decided to bring back cats, giving forty breeds of felines their own booths.

Make sure to tune into the Westminster-American Kennel Club event on February 11 and the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on February 13 and 14.