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NAPPS National Pet Parent Day

The bond between a pet and their pet parent who loves them unconditional is one that is not easily broken. Whether a pet is brought into a home when they are young, middle age or senior, they are often a big part of pet parents’ lives, and considered a valued member of the family. On the last Sunday of April, NAPPS celebrates this unique bond with NAPPS National Pet Parent Day. On this day we celebrate what it means to be a pet parent, from the trials of potty training to remembering those who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.
Pet parents know that having a healthy and happy pet involves a lot of work. Fur babies, as pets are affectionately called, require, besides the obvious like food and shelter, attention and socialization. Additionally, pet parents have to consider training and a routine like daily walks or park visits. All pets will require routine veterinary care like wellness exams and teeth cleanings, and possible scary emergency visits. While pet parenting is an amazing, laugh-a-minute experience, it is also a very serious commitment that needs to be completely thought out prior to moving forward. 
So what else can you, as a pet parent, do for your pet? Become a National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) pet parent member!
Here are some of the exclusive benefits offered to NAPPS Pet Parent Members:
  • A "welcome kit" which includes [1] tote bag with NAPPS logo, [1] car magnet, [1] chip clip and [1] pet first aid kit
  • Access to our Library of Informative Articles for caring for a wide range of animals from dogs, cats, gerbils and even reptiles
  • Access to our FREE quarterly Pet Parent Teleconference with special guest speakers to talk about Pet Related Topics
  • Private FB group
  • Copy of our Quarterly E- Newsletter, Coupons, Discounts and More
  • Access to Emergency Preparedness Documents
  • Professional Pet Sitter Locator, to help you find other NAPPS members in your area
Pet parents love their pets deeply, so the hope of the holiday, besides celebrating pet parents, is to show how important the love is between pets and their chosen human(s).