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Happy 4th of July

Along with barbeques, no July 4th holiday celebration is complete without enjoying fireworks. But while almost everyone enjoys going to the fireworks, pets at home might be cowering in fear. Animals don’t understand that fireworks are for fun, all they see are flashes of light and hear loud sounds. In fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters nationwide, with them being flooded with calls about missing pets who had panicked at the sound of the fireworks and run away in the night. Luckily, there are ways to prevent a pet from panicking from the whizzes and bangs.

The most important is to not leave a pet outside! It might seem obvious, but even a pet who is used to being outside can break away from their restraints or jump a fence if they are scared enough. Never take them to a fireworks display, and if possible, stay at home with them to ease their anxiety.

When the booms start to go off, close all windows, curtains and blinds. Try to distract them by playing their favorite game or with their favorite toy, or turn on the television or radio. There are even cd’s now that are specially designed to calm dogs down, one is called Through A Dog’s Ear. You can visit their website at for more products and details. A YouTube channel called Relax My Dog also offers calming music.

There’s also the Thundershirt which provides gentle, constant pressure and keeps them feeling secure during scary noises. Melatonin is also known for its calming abilities, as well as other herbs and supplements that are available at pet stores. More than one might need to be tried to find the right one for a pet, but always contact a vet if there are any questions or concerns.

No matter how much we enjoy the fireworks, it is up to pet parents to make sure that their pets are as calm and comfortable as possible so that they don’t get themselves into a dangerous situation. Keep in mind these suggestions as the Fourth of July nears, and spread the word!