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Summer Hazards

In the summertime, there are more opportunities for pet parents to take their pets with them while enjoying summer activities. But just because the weather is pleasant doesn’t mean that pet parents can forget about summer dangers that still pose problems for pets.

Heat stroke is by far the most common hazard that effects pets once the weather warms up. Heatstroke happens when a dogs body temperature exceeds a healthy range, and the consequences can be deadly. Just a few minutes in a car on a hot day can be enough to send a dog into heat stroke, research has shown that on a partly cloudy 93°F day, a car can heat up to 120°F in just 15 minutes. Heatstroke can also occur when dogs exercise in hot weather, so avoid giving them exercise in the middle of the day and wait until it cools down. If you must exercise with your dog, having water with you is a must as well as taking frequency breaks in a shady area.

Depending on where you live, allergens may also be another problem for a pet. During the winter months, allergens are pretty much absent from a pets surroundings, but warm weather can bring allergens back to their environment. And when pets are allergic, they tend to become itchy, making them very uncomfortable. Constant itching can become so severe that a pet can develop skin wounds, skin infections, and severe hair loss. If you suspect that a pet has allergies, make a vet appointment. Ear infections are another allergic reaction, more common in dogs than cats. There are medications that can help pets with allergies and also allergy tests, so that a vet can see exactly what allergy is causing your pet so much trouble.

Then, there are those pesky insects. Pets don’t know the difference between a butterfly or a bumblebee, and if they chase the wrong one, the only thing they’ll have to show for it a swollen muzzle! Because of this, bee stings, spider bites, and other related injuries are common. So do a check around the home, garage and storage shed (inside and out) for beehives, wasp nests and other hazards.

By keeping in mind summer hazards, they can also enjoy the sun and fun!