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October 1 is also known as National Black Dog Day

With October only a few days away and the Halloween season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to talk about the stigma surrounding black dogs. Yes, the stigma is not just associated with black cats but black dogs too.
Why are people biased of animals that have black in their coats? Unfortunately, people associate the color black with evil or darkness, and therefore believe that black dogs are more aggressive and dangerous. Black dogs don't show up as easily in photographs like multi or light colored dogs, making it harder to see their faces and other features. There has even been a name given to the challenge that black dogs face when trying to find forever homes, it’s called Black Dog Syndrome. To help the public understand that black dogs are nothing to be afraid of, October 1 is also known as National Black Dog Day.

For those pet parents who have a black dog and many others, it’s a mystery as to why anyone wouldn't want to love a pet based on their coat color. Unlike lighter colored dogs, their coat color can help if the pet parent has darker colored upholstery and if they shed, the color makes it much easier to see where to vacuum or sweep. And while not being easy to find in a photograph or see their expressions, use that to their advantage and take them out in fall foliage or into snow, and their photos will turn out much better than if they were taken in a small cubicle. They will be more than willing to pose, play and frolic just like any other dog.

Black dogs also make great snuggle buddies, because their coats absorb heat. They also have instant tuxedos! If involved in a fancy event, all they need is a fancy bow tie or ribbon and they’re ready for a good time. Black Dog Syndrome is real, and the more pet parents and others do to help demystify it, the better. Black coats in no way diminishes a dogs personality or their want for a loving home of their own. Visit or to learn more. You can also use the hashtag #BlackDogDay to spread the word on social media.