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National Cat Day

Looking for a reason to celebrate cats? You’re in luck, National Cat Day has you covered! Celebrated on October 29 each year, and created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige, National Cat Day is a day to recognize the importance that cats bring to their owners lives, and also a reminder that there are millions more who are waiting patiently for their forever homes.

So what are the benefits of owning a cats, besides the everlasting love and devotion? Cats are affectionate, loving creatures and show their love by a head bunt or twirling around the ankles while purring. All cats are not unsociable, they just show their love in different ways. Being a cat pet parent is linked with lower stress and anxiety.

There are lots of ways to celebrate cats on National Cat Day. Feeling crafty? Look up a tutorial on how to make a cat perch or hammock for them to look out the window. For those of you who aren’t into crafts, browsing a website for a new toy, bed or cat condo would do instead. If you want to pamper them, there’s nothing better than giving them a massage or a good brushing. Then there are some ideas that really go all out, such as commissioning an artist who would be happy to paint a portrait of your kitty. Or going onto Pinterest to find the newest cat treats and other recipes that you can make and share with your other cat owner friends and felines. If you don’t have a cat, there is always the option to drop off blankets, toys and food for cats at the shelter who are still waiting for their forever homes. You can even volunteer your time with shelter cats by playing with them, cleaning their litter box or doing anything else the shelter needs while they work on finding homes for the adoptees in their care.

But the best way to celebrate is to adopt a cat! Of course, the decision needs to be discussed and not taken lightly, but if it feels like the right time, there is no better place to look than a local animal shelter. With Halloween season here, perhaps you can think about adopting a black cat. A mysterious stigma has surrounded black cats for centuries, making it harder for them to find homes, but they are nothing to be scared of and have just as much love to give prospective owners and families as any other cat. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to give a black cat a Halloween themed name like Casper, Winnie, Salem or Freddie. By talking to an experienced employee at the shelter, they can help you find the perfect companion.

So take some time out of planning the perfect costume and show your cat, and maybe the cats at a shelter, how much they are loved and how grateful we are to live in a world with them in it.