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National Justice for Animals Week

Whenever there is a case of animal neglect or abuse that receives local or national coverage, when the person responsible for the animals suffering receives their sentence, the public is often left wondering why it wasn’t stricter. We have made great strides in protecting animals and getting them justice, but there is still lots of work to be done. That’s why, every year there is a week at the end of February called National Justice for Animals Week. The week is meant to raise public awareness nationwide about criminal animal abuse, how to report it, and how to work within communities to create stronger laws. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is responsible for spreading this week of awareness which will take place this February 25 to March 3.

Every year, different mascots are chosen to represent the week. This year, they are two horses named Willow and Stormy. Victims of neglect and pregnant, they were extremely malnourished. But their story has a happy ending, they were found by law enforcement, given the care they so desperately needed and are now healthy. Even better, so are their foals. Their abuser is behind bars and can never hurt them again.

The ALDF is passionate about continuing to give animal abusers the full extent of the law. Founded in 1979, they have grown over the past 40 years to include thousands of attorneys determined to make a difference in furthering animal laws. While not attorneys, there are also 200,000 members who feel just as passionate about protecting animals. Among the ALDF’s responsibilities, they file lawsuits to stop animal abuse, provide legal assistance to prosecutors, work to improve anti cruelty statutes and recruit future attorneys interested in animal law by offering chapters and other programs to them as a resource. For the public, they offer seminars, workshops and more to educate people interested in their cause.

The ALDF doesn't just protect a specific group of animals, but any and all of them. Taking a look at their website shows they have advocated for elephants, tigers, monkeys, dogs, horses, cats and even turkeys. Again and again, research has proven that animals are smart, have feelings, and not only have a strong bond with each other but people who care for them. The public is increasingly understanding this as well, leading to outrage and people demanding change for animals, with the ALDF leading the way.

Want to raise your voice this week to raise awareness? Visit their website at to donate, become a member, or learn more about what they do. Spread the work of ALDF through social media sites. Contact your representative about pending and current local, state, or federal legislation. Raise donations for your local shelters and animal sanctuaries. Every little bit of exposure can help the ALDF to save animals and to give them the experience of being wild and free, or in a loving forever home. Help the ALDF and join them in becoming a voice for the voiceless.