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As all professional pet sitters know, creating a safe and secure home environment for dogs is extremely important. Whether it’s your dog or a client’s dog, having tools at your disposal to provide an interactive environment for pets is critical to good behavior. We’re excited to offer the elite members of NAPPS one more tool for their pet-sitting business!  

Mobile K9 Enrichment for Pet Professionals
Dogs can become stressed, anxious, and bored when left home alone. This often leads to destructive behavior, separation anxiety and behavior issues.

For many years, leading animal rescue organizations and animal behaviorists around the world have recommended leaving some form of media entertainment for your dog when you’re away from home. 

"A television can potentially provide all important mental stimulation for dogs and help prevent boredom behavior", reports The Petcare and Information Advisory Services (PIAS).

There are several reasons for these recommendations: 
1.    There are many noises outside or inside the house, which tend to stress dogs when they are left alone. Anything from an ambulance driving by to construction works to a washing machine - dogs can become overstimulated by this 'noise pollution'.
2.    Leaving the radio or TV on for the dog can give him some sort of feeling of presence, so he will feel less alone and more safe and secure. 
3.    DogTV provides the dog with stimulation that he can't otherwise get while owners are away from home.

A TV Channel for Dogs?!
When we started DOGTV six years ago, people laughed at our crazy idea. “A TV channel for dogs? You must be kidding me!”

But after six years of providing stimulating and engaging content for dogs and cats, people don’t laugh anymore.  Millions of homes around the world understand the benefits of DOGTV. They have discovered that providing the proper home enrichment for pets will help their dog cope with stress and anxiety. It may even help pets live a longer life with fewer cognition problems as they age.

DOGTV works - particularly with dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and other stress-related problems. No, we’re not expecting dogs to sit all day in front of the TV, become couch potatoes and eat pup-corn (see what I did there?). Studies show that dogs still benefit from the positive effect of programming, even if they only listen to the channel.

FREE No-Obligation 30-day Trial for NAPPS Members
We’re so excited about our new programming that we want to give you and your clients the opportunity to use it for free. 

No credit card, no account, just sign up and cast it to any device. If you discover the pets you care for love this service, you can also share the opportunity with your own clients a free 30-day trial! 

Just click here and enjoy!

I wish you all a great week, and take great care of your dogs – when you are with them – and especially when you are not…

Ron Levi
Founder / Chief Control Officer