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Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Every year, April 30 is known as Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, which makes it the perfect opportunity to expand a family by four paws. According to the ASPCA, pet adoption has continued to rise steadily since 2011, which is wonderful news for not only shelter animals, but families who have discovered the joys of pet adoption. As shelters continue to see a lot of visitors coming to their locations, they have become more adept at finding pets their forever homes and there have also been more willing fosters and programs. 

Animals that are in a shelter can be there for many reasons, including divorce, job loss, or their previous parent getting sick. Others may be there for terrible circumstances like cruelty, hoarding, neglect and abandonment. Shelter workers work very hard to nurse animals back to health, rehabilitate animals and prepare them as much as possible for a new home. By adopting a pet, pet parents will give a pet who has waited, for who knows how long, a stable home. The chances of a pet being house trained in their previous home increase too, particularly if they are older. This saves time and extra effort when training a new pet.

Adopting is much less expensive than going to a breeder. Prices usually range from $50-$250, whereas going to a breeder can cost up to the thousands. Animals in shelters also have the advantage of being micro chipped, up to date on their vaccinations, and spayed or neutered. This saves a lot of money for their future pet parents who don’t have to pay for the procedures. People who run puppy mills only care about profits and not a pet’s health, so litters can be born with severe problems that don’t show right away. Dogs at pet shops are often products of puppy farms. Spaying and neutering animals is important in controlling the animal population. Many pets that aren’t spayed or neutered often contribute to the problem of unwanted animals, which can lead to more being left at shelters. 

Adoption is a great lesson to teach children, who can learn responsibility through pet ownership and learn how to maintain that responsibility. Explaining and involving them in the adoption process will show them how to help animals in need and hopefully instill in them a lifelong love of giving second chances to animals. They also get a playmate for life!  

By now, everyone know about the benefits of pet ownership, there really are no downsides about it. Pets help increase life expectancy and improve overall happiness and health. The comfort of a warm snuggly pet also helps with depression, stress, anxiety and other health issues. Stoking a pet can reduce blood pressure, and playing with them can increase serotonin and dopamine, making a pet parent calm and relaxed after a long day. Pets also provide a reason to exercise. A pet is a companion that will never judge, and will love their pet parent regardless of whatever happens. 

The pet that a pet parent chooses to save (or thinks they choose) often chooses them and saves them right back.