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Nationally Specially-abled Pets Day

Who says a disability holds you back? Tell that to all the animals who continue to live their best life’s every day. That’s why we have Nationally Specially-abled Pets Day on May 3rd every year. Animals can be disabled for many reasons, including deafness, blindness, or a missing limb. Whether due to disease, birth flaws or injuries, these pets disabilities do not make them any less capable of showing love and living a fulfilling life. Ever seen animal videos on a social media platform? Of course you have, but the ones that always pull at the heartstrings the most are the ones who feature pets who have overcome obstacles and come back stronger than ever. 

Because they are different, people think that disabled pets aren’t able or are limited. But just because a pet doesn’t, doesn’t mean they can’t. So what if they are missing a limb? That doesn’t mean they don’t want to go for a walk and smell the flowers. Just because they may be in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t be snuggled or run on the beach. To pets with disabilities, this is their normal life. And they shouldn’t be denied love or a home because of that.

There are now so many options to help disabled pets, but technology has made it even easier. 3D printing can now create prosthetic limbs, which doesn’t only help domestic animals but animals in the wild, too. There are companies now who specialize in customized wheelchairs for helping animals to get around. And a google search shows how to bond with and train a blind or deaf pet with voice and hand signals.

When a dog or cat has special needs, the surgeries, prescriptions and equipment needed to help them survive and live a functional life can be expensive. Show support by making a donation to animal organizations that offer programs in support of pets with special needs, so that some of the wonderful pet owners and groups who help special needs animals can provide the surgeries, equipment, and medicines that are needed.

There are also websites that help people who are interested in adopting a disabled pet including BarkPost, Adopt A Pet and Best Friends. Adopt A Pet and Best Friends both have animals up for adoption who are disabled and BarkPost lists rescues and organizations of disabled pets.