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National Dog House Repair Month

July is the peak of summer, so the month is also the perfect time to think about dog house repairs. Luckily, because July is National Dog House Repair Month, there are tips to help update old dog houses.

When people think of dog houses, Snoopy laying on top of his dog house might come to mind. With dog houses that are kept outside, the weather can be harsh on the exterior of the house. Roofs can warp and leak, and floors can become dry quickly and hold mold. It’s important to make sure that the dog house is big enough for a dog to turn around and tall enough that they can stand up. It needs to be small enough that they can heat up their home with their body heat, but there also needs to be plenty of ventilation. Lastly, they have to have enough room to lay flat without hanging out of the house. 

As they say in real estate, location location location. A dog house is the pets safe place, so it needs to be in a location that protects their home the best. Think about where there is shade in a yard, and if rain and snow can get through the door. There are ways to build wind blocks for dog houses, or maybe a new place in the yard needs to be found. What the dog house is made out of if also important. Materials such as plastic, fiberglass and metal can get too hot, making wood a more popular choice. Keep in mind to not use treated wood, as it can contain arsenic and other toxic chemicals that can be harmful to pets, especially if they like to chew.  To keep the mold away, a dog house should be waterproof, and insulation will help keep them warm during the winter months. 

Want to add a few extra things to really spruce it up? A flat roof with a little ladder could be a great idea and offer dogs the option to get out on their roof and enjoy their afternoon nap. Still, a flat roof should have a slight slant so that debris and rain doesn’t settle on the roof. Another option for a roof is a hinged roof. They’re trickier to make, but it’s easier and quicker to lift it up to clean in the house and replace bedding. What’s a dog house without wheels? If a floor is elevated, it can keep a dog cooler in the summer with circulating air and warm in the winter because the floor would be able to stay dry. Also, adding wheels is an easier way to move the dog house from one side of the yard to the other. 

Just because dog houses are more popular outside doesn’t mean they can’t be found indoors. There are plenty of creative ideas out there, including building a dog house under a staircase or built into a cabinet in the mudroom. There are home accents now that are made specifically for pets in mind that include a pet nook built into tables or beds and also companies that only make furniture for pets. If not a DIY person, there are websites that can offer the perfect option for a pet. Whether a dog house is kept inside or out, as long as they are kept safe and healthy in their environment, they will be very happy with whatever their pet parent chooses for them.