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Every year in the last full week of September, Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week takes place. Started by, the week, which this year happens September 23-29, aims to help people understand the difficult circumstances that certain animals face when trying to find a home. 

One group of animals that is considered to be less adoptable are senior pets. Everyone loves puppies and kittens, but many underestimate the amount of work it is to raise happy, healthy pets. Senior pets are already trained and housebroken. There are no surprises with their sizes and temperament, and they are so grateful to be given another chance at a loving home. Some shelters have lower fees to encourage possible adopters. They might not have as much time as younger pets, but they give the same amount of love, if not more. 

Next are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. These dogs have faced unfair treatment and judgment for far too long. A hundred years ago, they were the original “nanny” dogs, because they were so great with children. But for the past 30 years or so, they have become the go to poster dogs for bully breed bans and dog fighting. Not each and every Pit Bull is mean, in fact, almost all of them just want to snuggle with their chosen humans. They are incredibly loyal and eager to prove themselves as very good. . 

Then there are special needs pets. These can include pets that are deaf, blind or have lost a limb. But deaf and blind pets are still trainable, just in a different way. In the case of pets who have lost a leg, they don’t know that they are any different from any other of their playmates. While they might seem needier than other pets, with some basic knowledge, anyone can become a special needs pets forever human. 

The joy of having a special needs pets have reached many more people thanks to the internet and videos showing these animals living their best lives. With more awareness, shelters nationwide hope they can find forever homes for imperfectly perfect pets.