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It’s Happy Healthy Cat Month!

It’s Happy Healthy Cat Month! This month is not only a time to celebrate the changing of the seasons, but our feline friends, too. Happy Healthy Cat Month was started by the CATalyst Council, a non-profit dedicated to helping families with their felines health and mental well-being. Here are some tips to keep cats happy. 

Who doesn’t love presents? This is the perfect time to make a quick stop to the pet store for a toy (or two) to provide mental stimulation and exercise. Also, socialize with your cat by playing with them, not only will you two have fun, but this will also strengthen your bond. You know what will also help that bond? Not coming home to a shredded couch or curtain! Make sure to keep a scratching post around the home so they can sharpen their claws. Keep scratching posts and other hang out spots like perches, clean. This includes the litter box and their food and water bowls, which need to be cleaned regularly.

A healthy diet is key to a cat’s well-being. Overweight cats are more prone to disease, so it’s important to have a balance between toys, exercise and a healthy diet so that cats won’t become overweight. Age-appropriate food will also help keep their diet complete and balanced. Many cats live inside with their humans, which means that all it takes is a door that’s not closed all the way for them to want to explore outside. Depending on how long it takes for a pet parent to recognize that their cat is gone, they could already be down the street or even farther. Unless a cat is used to be being outside, make sure that they never miss a meal or snuggle in their home by having them micro chipped.

Obviously, not all cats are the same. Some don’t mind being by themselves, but there are others who wouldn’t mind having a pal to play with during the day while their family is away. If that’s the case, and everything has been all responsibly decided, pay a visit to your local animal shelter or rescue organization to find another feline friend. For a cat who’s waiting at a shelter for their new loving home, this is the happiest thing of all. 

No matter how you celebrate this month, cats everywhere will be sure to appreciate their pampering!