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World Animal Day

World Animal Day, celebrated on October 4 every year, is an opportunity for people around the world to appreciate the importance that animals bring to the earth and to people’s lives. The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment is also celebrated on October 4. According to the World Animal Day website, the mission of World Animal Day is raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards and uniting the animal welfare movement to make the world a better place for animals to live. By increasing awareness and education, animals can be thought of sentient beings and treated as such.

Events that are organized to celebrate World Animal Day are made public and advertised using the World Animal Day brand and logo through the World Animal Day website.  
Using the logo has been shown to help smaller groups who plans events and have a harder time attracting media attention, due to the brand being internationally known. Participation in World Animal Day is simple and allows all individuals, groups and organizations to take part in a collective effort. Activities that take place on October 4th can include anything. Conferences, workshops, animal blessings, fundraising events like concerts, school events to educate the younger generation, spay and neuter marathons and radio and TV interviews have all been ways to reach out to the public.  Each year, the involvement of organizations and countries around the globe continues to be acknowledged each year. 

By expanding the celebration of World Animal Day, there is a focus on affirmative action for a better future for animals. Together, organizations, groups and individuals whose actions affect animals future, work hard to get animals social justice and protection against harm. If wanting to join in to help animals, you can become an ambassador. The ambassador program began in 2007, and with 11 years under its belt, now has 93 ambassadors representing 73 countries. Since becoming ambassadors, many of them have mentioned how much easier it is to spread the word about World Animal Day and receiving political and media attention for animal issues. 

Other ways to get involved with World Animal Day are to make a pledge on their website, view their volunteer opportunities or make a donation. These can all be found on the official World Animal Day website at With the help of passionate animal lovers around the globe, World Animal Day will keep on connecting people and organizations who will raise their voices for the animals who cannot.