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December 4 is now known as Wildlife Conservation Day

The world’s animals are facing an alarming number of unfair factors, among them deforestation, poachers and demands for their parts. Originally created in 2012 by Hilary Clinton, who at that time was Secretary of State, a ‘Call of action,’ was released by the U.S. government. December 4 is now known as Wildlife Conservation Day, which is a day to raise awareness on the issues of animal conservation and trafficking.

Wildlife crime is very serious, and spans continents and oceans. The crimes not only affect animals but park rangers can get killed or injured while they try their best to protect the wildlife. Local towns who depend on tourism see their numbers dwindle as the wildlife either moves to a better location is or wiped out. Law enforcement efforts are being weakened by either corruption or intimidation, or both. Even some countries governments may not think it’s as important as it should be. Then there are areas of unscreened wildlife, which can increase the risk of human health pandemics like the bird flu. In short, everyone suffers.

So what can you do? By donating to the World Wildlife Fund, you become a member and get all the benefits of membership. Buying a membership for someone else you know who is just as passionate about animals is an option, too. You can also adopt an animal, which includes buying a stuffed animal of your choosing and having the money go to help WWF. Fundraising for a special occasion, signing a pledge or becoming a Panda Ambassador are all other alternatives. Visit the World Wildlife Fund at to see all the other ways you can get involved in helping fight wildlife crime. 

Our planet and the animals who share it with us are in more danger than ever before. Let’s band together to make a difference.