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National Cat Lovers Month

When most people think of December it mostly has to do with the holidays, but December is also known at National Cat Lovers Month. There are many ways to celebrate cats and the bonds that their pet parents have with them. 

There’s no better way to celebrate National Cat Lovers Month than by being able to bring a cat in need of a loving home into the family. If it’s not possible at the time, that doesn’t mean cat lovers can’t get their fix. Visit a shelter to snuggle the cats or help clean their litter boxes and cages while they wait for their forever home. Donations such as food, cat litter and toys will be much appreciated by the shelter and definitely by the cats and kittens. Being a cat lover also means keeping up on their health and general well being if there is one already in the home. This includes taking them to their yearly vet appointments for check ups and buying healthy food and treats. A cat’s health doesn’t just include their body, but their minds, too. 

Take some time out of the day to install some cats shelves that will give them some extra exercise or make a window perch. Visit Pinterest and see what kind of DIY toys you can make for them. Or maybe the cat would prefer a more relaxing day, which may include a massage or a grooming session, which would help remove any excess fur or hairballs. Even a simple snuggle session will make a cat purr and feel loved. If any pet parent information has changed, make a quick stop to the pet store and buy a new tag with updated information, just in case they get outside and happen to become lost.

There are many other creative ways in December for cat lovers to spoil their pets. Have a free afternoon? Take that time to look up easy homemade cat treats that can be made for a cat and possible given out to fellow cat lovers who have cats of their own. Take some cute photos and post them on social media pages. If you want to go a step farther, schedule a photo shoot or have an artist create a custom portrait of your cat. 

Whatever you decide to do to show the four legged feline in your life how much you love them, they will certainly enjoy any and all attention you lavish on them.