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Have-A-Heart-For-Chained-Dogs Week

Have-A-Heart-For-Chained-Dogs Week began with an organization called Dogs Deserve Better. They are a national group that advocates for and rescues chained dogs. Their goal is to help educate pet parents on what the effects of being on a chain can do for a dog’s emotional and physical health during the dog’s life. This year, the Have-A-Heart-For-Chained-Dogs Week takes place on the 3rd of February through the 9th. 

According the to the Humane Society of the United States, close to 200,000 dogs live their lives constantly chained outside. This puts them at an increased risk for being vulnerable to attack from other animals. Dogs are pack animals and have been bred to either bond with their families or other dogs, so if they spend too much time on a chain unable to socialize, not only are they more likely to bite, but they can also become isolated, neurotic, unhappy, anxious and aggressive.

Many people end up chaining their dogs because of behavior issues and not knowing how to go about fixing the issues. Some pet parents might have a fence to keep the dog in the yard, others might not. If there is a fence and a dog keeps jumping over it, home improvement stores sell 45 degree extensions to top off the fence. If a dog decides to go down instead of over and dig under the fence instead, burying chicken wire about one foot below where the fence and ground met will keep a dog from escaping. Behavior problems like barking, chewing and digging are often the results of boredom. By providing a dog with toys and exercise along with “people time,” and positive reinforcement, behavior issues can help teach acceptable manners. 

Still, there are dogs out there who are left to fend for themselves, with irresponsible or uneducated parents. With no water, food or shelter, these dogs need help. Keep eyes and ears open in your community, and if there’s a dog who needs help, local humane societies or police departments will know the up to date laws or give ideas on how to help. Spread the word about Have-A-Heart-For-Chained-Dogs Week and help educate people that chaining a dog outside is not the answer.