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Professional Pet Sitters Week

Celebrated every year during the first week of March is Professional Pet Sitters Week. Started in 1995, Professional Pet Sitters week honors dedicated pet care professionals who not only provide pets with basic needs but also with plenty of TLC.  Now more than ever, pet parents are using the services of professional pet sitters that can be found on websites such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). 

Pet parents may often wonder why they should hire a professional pet sitter instead of having a friend or family member take care of the pet.  A professional pet sitter offers many benefits to pet parents, including keeping a pet in an environment they are familiar with, keeping the pet on a regular diet and routine and giving the pet love and attention while their parents are away.  Finding a pet sitter can be a stressful task for pet parents, but it is important to learn the pet sitter’s qualifications.  A pet sitter who is insured and bonded ensures the pet parent that the sitters are covered in case of an accident or emergency.  Pet parents may also want to know what kind of training the pet sitter has. NAPPS offers a certification program and ongoing training through its’ educational programs and affiliates such as FetchFind. NAPPS also offers a Pet Sitter Locator feature on its’ website as well as an entire section educating pet parents on how to conduct an interview and reference check on their new pet sitter.
Contracts detailing the specific service and fees should also be provided by the pet sitter to verify that the terms and conditions are agreeable to the pet parent. Pet parents can do things to make caring for their pet easier for the pet sitter.  Contacting the pet sitter as early as possible to secure the dates needed makes it more manageable for the pet sitter to schedule services.  Conducting a Meet and Greet with the pet and pet sitter ensures the sitter knows where items pertaining to care are kept, what precautions need to be followed in the home and they can make certain it’s a good match for the pet and pet sitter while the parents are away. Gathering instructions with specific responsibilities and emergency contact information will also assure that the pet sitter can reach someone in case something happens. 

If a pet parent is looking for the best care for their pet, they can go to the pet sitter locater on the NAPPS home page to find a local, trusted professional NAPPS member.