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Respect Your Cat Day!

While cats may demand respect on a daily basis, there actually is a day called Respect Your Cat Day! The day takes place on March 28th, and is a day for pet parents to show them extra love!  

The best way to respect a cat is to understand how to properly take care of them and to find out how they like to be treated and held. Just like dogs, cats have unique personalities, so not all cats will like the same things. A perfect example is petting a cat. Seems simple right? Well, not always. A cats mood could change in the middle of being pet, which can result in scratches if you scare them or if they don’t like to be pet in certain areas. A general rule is that cats prefer being scratched around the head and head areas while their stomach area tends to be more hit or miss. There is a specific way to pick up a cat, too. The trick is that the more of the cat’s body that is touching you, the more comfortable they will feel. Keeping them close to your body will make them feel more secure. But again, not all cats like to be held, and that’s ok. Just don’t try to force a cat who clearly doesn’t want to be held into yours or someone else’s arms. Scruffing is most commonly used by mama cats to carry their kittens and take them place to place. But scruffing should only be done in emergencies, such as preventing a cat fight or a fight with another animal. If it can be done in time, it can also keep a cat from crossing a street, but it is not a smart move to use it as a playing technique. 

It is important to understand how to take care of a cats grooming needs. All cats need brushing to keep them healthy, but cats with long coats need to be groomed daily. Long-haired cats can develop problems with knots and matted hair if they aren’t brushed daily, so it’s important to make it a daily routine. There are even different kinds of brushes cat parents can buy if their cat has a longer coat. Cats are not known for their affinities for baths or nail cutting, but they are important skills for a cat parent to know. Just throwing a cat into a bath tub or waiting so long that a cats nails get caught in rugs or a carpet won’t cut it. By learning the skills, it makes it easier for both cat parents and cats and can become a bonding experience instead of a fiasco. 

Just like all cats aren’t the same, neither are their diets. Depending on their metabolism, activity level and lifestyle, the amount of food they get can differ. If you’re not sure how much to feed a cat, many of the manufacturers of cat food include guide lines on their products. If you still aren’t sure, a trusted vet is the best resource to contact and can answer questions on what kind of foods are best, not only including brands but wet or dry varieties too. Understanding how to train a cat to use their litter box is another hurdle to overcome for cat parents if their cat hasn’t been taught before. Luckily it’s very easy, and if there are any issues, again, a vet can be consulted. And cats would certainly feel respected by having a clean litter box every day.

It’s often thought that cats are easier than dogs, but that doesn’t mean that a cat can be added to the family and then just be ignored. Cats still need attention and stimulation to keep active. This can include interactive toys that drop treats throughout the day, or even another cat to keep them company if the situation allows. 

No matter how you decide to show a cat respect, they will definitely appreciate the extra love and attention.