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7:00 pm ET – 8:00 pm ET

You Can “Do Well, by Doing Good” – Help Pets Be Happy & Healthy

Speaker: Dr. Marty Becker, DVM

8:00 pm ET – 9:00 pm ET

Medicating Your Domestic “Lion” & Kitty 911

Speaker: Dr. Lynn Bahr, DVM 

7:00 pm ET – 8:00 pm ET

Take Care of You ~ Self Care

Speaker: Nicole Ryan, Pet Sitter Self Care / Pet Biz Empire

8:00 pm ET – 9:00 pm ET

Technology and the Millennial Generation: Are Changing Our Industry: Pay Attention or Get Left Behind

Speaker: Erin Fenstermaker, EF Consulting

7:00 pm ET – 8:00 pm ET

Body Language ~ Setting Yourself Up For Success

Speaker: Deb Nabb, The Mutt Master

8:00 pm ET – 9:00 pm ET

Managing and Changing Unwanted Cat Behaviors

Speaker: Rita Reimers, Rita Reimers, Inc. & Just For Cats

7:00 pm ET – 8:00 pm ET

Managing Automation In Your Business

Speaker: Mikaela Samuels, Pet Marketing Unleashed 

8:00 pm ET – 9:00 pm ET

Getting More Business from Your Website in 2020

Speaker: Amy Toman, Pet Sitter SEO

Dr. Marty Becker, DVM

I want to help create a world where pet sitters are a valued part of an expansive pet healthcare team that includes the pet owner, veterinarian and veterinary nurse, trainer, groomer, and pet sitter. Where we work in a feedback system---both in information and by referral--to spot medical or behavioral conditions early on. Where we focus not just on a pet's physical wellbeing (nails trimmed, parasite free, keep ears clean, watch for lumps/bumps/lesions, at ideal body weight, etc.) but emotional wellbeing as well. The pet must be in an environment that is happy and calm, free from noise phobias (thunderstorms, 4th of July fireworks, separation anxiety, leash aggression, excessive barking, etc.). This is where you, the pet sitter, must play an important part. You tell the pet parent that there are proven solutions for noise aversions for example and it's a serious problem that needs attention. 

Dr. Lynn Bahr, DVM

Cats may look like cuddly little balls of fuzz, but as soon as the time comes to administer medication, all cat people know that they turn into lean, mean, fighting machines capable of inflicting serious damage to hands, clothes and more. Medicating cats is one of the most difficult tasks pet sitters face, and one that’s greatly feared. Not only do sitters find it intimidating and frustrating, but it’s also dangerous when done incorrectly.

Fortunately, there are safe and simple solutions to help you overcome this obstacle when caring for sick cats. In this presentation, you will not only learn proper techniques for medicating cats, but also how to identify potential problems that are medical emergencies. You will learn tips and tricks to help make pet sitting for sick cats less stressful for both you and the little bundles of fur left in your charge. 

Nicole Ryan, Pet Sitter Self Care / Pet Biz Empire 

Nicole Ryan will guide you on how to go from frazzled to fetching money, clients and more in this talk aimed at identifying ways to gain pet sitting prosperity. Yes, compassion fatigue in the pet sitting industry is real, but learn how to prioritize your mental, physical and emotional well-being to avoid burnout. Two major take-home tips: practice self-care by planning and taking one or two vacations each year and make your home an inviting space. 

Erin Fenstermaker, EF Consulting

When tech companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing funds talk about dog walking and pet sitting in tech terms, they market all of the cool techie features and information you will get when you hire them. Unfortunately, they also change the average consumer’s expectations of what they think they need from a pet sitter or a dog walker. And Millennials are clearly the future of the industry based on their sheer pet-owning numbers. They may not have the same buying power today as their Baby Boomers counterparts, but they will soon. Once they do, they will clearly dictate what they want out of their pet services. 

Deb Nabb, The Mutt Master

Dogs communicate differently than we do. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the messages that dogs send. The more you understand canine informational cues, the more equipped you will be at changing their responses.

Your communication style and the way you move your body often send messages that you don’t mean to send. By becoming more familiar with the way dogs read your movements, eye contact and your energy, you can help a dog become more relaxed in your presence.

Rita Reimers, Rita Reimers, Inc. & Just For Cats

Time, patience and consistency are the keys to long-term success when it comes to living in harmony with felines. This nationally recognized cat expert will share her Lucky Cat methodology on how to approach, understand and communicate with cats.  

Mikaela Samuels, Pet Marketing Unleashed

End the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of on-boarding and off-boarding new clients, generating new leads, and growing your business with…automation! By streamlining your business and putting systems in place, you’ll be able to save time while also being able to take on new clients. We’ll be chatting about email automations, sales funnels, and systems implementation for your pet business!

Amy Toman, Pet Sitter SEO

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or owner of a large pet sitting business, you need to be “visible” to targeted clients. You can accomplish this by making your business information easier to find by placing it in the right places aimed at the right clients and using the right words to fuel search engines.