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We know you cherish your pets as members of the family, which is why you want the very best in a pet sitter. NAPPS is here to help!  

If you are already familiar with pet sitters and the services they can provide, try our Pet Sitter Locator tool to find a NAPPS pet sitter in your area. Pet sitters who have earned NAPPS certification will have an icon by their name, letting you know that they have taken the NAPPS certification course and passed the certification exam. 

NAPPS offers lots of information, tools, and resources for you and your pets:

Finding, Hiring, and Getting the Most out of Your Pet Sitter:

Locate A NAPPS Pet Sitter in Your Area
The Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter
What Can A Professional Pet Sitter Do For You and Your Pets?

Tips on Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter
Get the Most out of Your Pet Sitter

FREE Emergency Plan for Pet Parents:

NAPPS Free Emergency Plan for Pet Parents