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Certification through NAPPS is good for three years. During that time certified sitters must earn CEUs if they wish to be re-certified for an additional three years. A total of 30 CEUs is needed in at least two of the following areas: NAPPS service, Community service, and Education.

Re-certification costs $75. Fill out the CEU chart with those activities you have completed and attach supporting documentation. Documentation can include: registration receipts, letters confirming volunteer time or effort, or a certificate of completion for course work. In order to receive credit for NAPPS Mentoring Teleconferences beginning February 2012 and later, include the name of the conference, and the confirmation number given out at the conclusion of the teleconference.

If you feel you have completed a service or done course-work not included on the CEU chart that deserves to count toward your re-certification, you may submit a Request for Evaluation (RFE) with documentation and the $25 fee. You will be notified about the value of those activities within 30 days of your submission. You may submit as many RFEs at one time as you wish for that fee. You may submit an RFE anytime during the three years.

Your packet of materials and your check may be mailed to:

NAPPS Headquarters
1120 Route 73
Suite 200
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

or sent via email to and NAPPS will invoice you for the fee.

Instead of obtaining the 30 CEUs needed for re-certification, you may re-take the certification exam for $175.00 instead. (Red Cross First Aid books/DVDs will not be sent to again.) To be eligible for the reduced registration fee, you must complete the exam before your current certification expires. Passing the exam will re-certify you for three more years.

Please do not purchase the course again via the website. If interested in re-taking the exam, please contact NAPPS Headquarters directly at

You will be notified that your re-certification is coming due, approximately six months before your certification expires. Try to attain at least 10 CEUs each year, and you will have no difficulty with re-certification.